YPI Fundraiser – Afternoon Tea Party

YPI Fundraiser – Afternoon Tea Party

In support of Young Peoples Independent Counselling (YPI), we (Simone Freire) hosted her first charity event last month and raised £251 (the £1 was to acknowledge my 9 year old daughter’s contribution, which was mainly made up of 2p coins)! It was great to have a few close friends around for some afternoon tea and a good catch up. I feel a lot can be gained from hosting small fundraising events like this – not just in terms of raising money but also as an opportunity to raise awareness, to encourage people to volunteer, to bring people together and of course, to catch up with friends. So, do what you can and make your next dinner party or drinks evening a charity one! There are some seriously generous people out there and sometimes, they are actually looking for inspiration, for a worthy cause to give their cash to! We are already thinking about our 2018 fundraising event and looking forward to raising even more money then! If you would like to organise a fundraising event, then please get in touch with our team on office@ypicounselling.co.uk

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Getting set up for afternoon tea

All set

“Who would like a cup of tea?”