Anna’s London Marathon 2020

Anna took part in the virtual London marathon raising some money for YPI Counselling. I know you have all been waiting for an update, so here goes: Anna finished before the elite men…. Its true, she did. We should add however that she began my race at 05.17 am in the pitch black and pouring rain, fuelled by lots of coffee and a good deal […]

Vicky’s London Marathon 2020

In support of YPI and to realise a lifelong ambition, Vicky ran the Virtual London Marathon last Sunday. The lows, starting at 0.3miles when Vicky soaked herself up to the knee in a ‘puddle’, failed to dampen highlights that included a loop around Hyde park’s beautiful Serpentine and saying ‘Hello’ to the giraffes at London Zoo. Tears (of joy and appreciation!) were thankfully concealed by […]