Anna’s London Marathon 2020

Anna took part in the virtual London marathon raising some money for YPI Counselling. I know you have all been waiting for an update, so here goes: Anna finished before the elite men…. Its true, she did. We should add however that she began my race at 05.17 am in the pitch black and pouring rain, fuelled by lots of coffee and a good deal of insanity. The London Marathon app was amazing and every mile it chipped into my podcast with crowd cheers and motivational words from either Paula Radcliffe or Steve Cram. However, after only 3 miles, things went a little awry, and she tripped over the kerb and fell over. It certainly wasn’t ideal, but her stubbornness and stupidity kicked in, and she staggered round the remaining 23.2 miles and finally, amid electronic cheering crowds and the commentary of Steve and Paula, she finished. She arrived home and flicked on the TV to see the elite men still running. So, you see, she did beat the elite men (although I guess she must acknowledge they only started at 10…) She is now waiting her proper medal to arrival, but in the meantime, She has this virtual one!

We’d like to take the time to congratulate Anna for completing the mathon and raising  £520 inc gift aid for YPI!