Engaging with our staff – YPI Counselling Staff Forum

In support of our vision and mission, we are always looking for ways to develop, improve and integrate – this makes engaging with our staff and volunteers one of our key values here at YPI.
At our last Spring Forum, held on 24 March 2018 at the Orchard, we wanted to continue to harness ideas and insight from our people and we hosted an open debate focused on three areas: training, the theory of change and raising awareness of YPI’s brand.
Staff Engagement

Simone’s group talking through YPI’s theory of change.

With sticky notes, markers and refreshments the team got together to explore those areas in more detail. For training, we discussed what additional training our counsellors need or our clients may want. We also looked at whether we could share our knowledge and expertise more widely with a view to raising income for the charity. The outcome of this discussion highlighted the need for more CPDs for our staff and a real opportunity for YPI to become a centre of excellence for delivering training.
Staff Engagement

The team working through potential training options.

As we looked into the theory of change and focused on defining YPI’s role in the community, it was clear that the charity does so much more than just counselling – our services extend to other areas of support for young people and their families in the Borough. It was highlighted that the work our volunteers do helps reduce the burden on the public sector and the team also felt that, as a wider benefit of counselling, YPI’s services go some way in helping reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the community.
Staff Engagement

Down-selecting brand awareness options.

We wanted to thank everyone for their contribution and we are keen to push the insight and feedback from the day out into our processes and practices – work is underway by Tony and the wider team to make sure this happens.
We look forward to continuing with these conversations and we welcome input from anyone, at any time. Overall, the team felt the Forum was a very useful way to share ideas and we are keen to keep this platform going – we plan to host our Autumn Staff Forum in October, more details about the event will be shared nearer the time.