BakedIn Cakes

We had the pleasure of visiting the local company Bakedin last week. What a fantastic idea and company. They kindly donated some lovely prizes for our competition(details to follow this week) The cake kits are amazing please take a look at there site. Its always great to have local support from a local company lest support them in return. @bakedincakes Bakedin | Home Baking Kits […]

Love Amazon?

Raise donations for YPI Counselling whenever you shop on Amazon, by using Amazon Smile’s referral links on: They have also enable you to do this on your Amazon App on Your Android or Apple Smartphone, by following these instructions! Just remember to re authenticate every 6 months in the new year!

Anna’s London Marathon 2020

Anna took part in the virtual London marathon raising some money for YPI Counselling. I know you have all been waiting for an update, so here goes: Anna finished before the elite men…. Its true, she did. We should add however that she began my race at 05.17 am in the pitch black and pouring rain, fuelled by lots of coffee and a good deal […]

Vicky’s London Marathon 2020

In support of YPI and to realise a lifelong ambition, Vicky ran the Virtual London Marathon last Sunday. The lows, starting at 0.3miles when Vicky soaked herself up to the knee in a ‘puddle’, failed to dampen highlights that included a loop around Hyde park’s beautiful Serpentine and saying ‘Hello’ to the giraffes at London Zoo. Tears (of joy and appreciation!) were thankfully concealed by […]

Birthday Fundraisers

Ever seen someone having a Birthday fundraiser on facebook? Have you ever considered holding one to support YPI Counselling? This could really help us support young people especially with all the school, collage and university upheaval over the last month. Thank you for your continued support!

Fundraising from home

With the schools breaking up early and lots of people staying at home you might ask yourself how you can help support local charities in this difficult time. Regular exercise is clinically proven to help with maintaining your mood and immune system, so why not be a sponsored virtual athlete and raise funds for YPI Counselling? Check out for more details. If your doing […]

Ebay for charity

Get a upgrade, have something you no longer use or get that jumper that is too small? Why not consider selling on ebay for charity! #WeAreYPI #MindMeHappy #fundraising #charity

Help support us when you shop online!

Raise donations for YPI Counselling whenever you shop online, by using Easy Fundraising. So far we have raised £520.32 from 25 of YPI’s supporters, by them registering and using the links on the Easy Fundraising page. You can get a useful reminder extension for your we browser, so you never forge to use the retailer links!